About Protect 1 Security

Taking pride in providing security solutions to Austin, Texas residents and businesses. Our professional team uses custom designed systems to ensure maximum protection and total satisfaction for all of our clients.

Meet Our Founder

Ralph Vanbuskirk founded the company in 1994 with a vision for the type of service he wanted to deliver to his customers. Focus on the quality and affordable technology, and pairing with quality infrastructure design he daily assesses and enhances the solution customers enjoy from Protect 1 Security.


We don’t make promises that our team can’t keep, and we don’t lie just to try to sell a system. Our team values honesty because we take pride in being a part of the community.


Our team doesn’t sell systems that you don’t need or charge for components or services that don’t fit your requirements. We value our integrity above all else and work hard to live up to those standards.


When we say we’ll do something, we do. And you can always count on our team to be there when and if you need us, no matter what the problem may be. Simply put, you can count on us.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – To provide security solutions to all of our customers and clients at the most affordable price. We believe in helping give our customers reliable, custom designed solutions that give them the peace of mind they need to rest easy and enjoy life instead of worrying about the safety of their property or loved ones.

Our Vision

We strive to create a community free from crime. By creating our custom security systems, we work towards reducing and deterring crime and providing solutions that can put criminals behind bars. We believe that over time, we can help protect our community in a meaningful way and ensure that we’re all safe.

Our Community

We’ve been part of the Austin, Texas community for years. And now, we’re proud to provide security solutions that help our community grow and find safety and security. We not only use our security systems to protect our neighbors, but work to contribute to the community in other ways. We’re proud of where we live, and work hard to help improve it.